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Posted by paramdeep singh | Tuesday, August 24, 2010 | 0 comments

1. What is the concept of God in Sikhism?

2. What is the Sikh idea of the birth of our universe?

3. What is the Sikh idea of the reality of the universe?

4. What is the reality of the human soul?

5. Do the Sikhs believe in transmigration of soul?

6. What is the fate of those who fail to deserve God's grace?

7. Was Guru Nanak, God?

8. Is it necessary to have a Guru?

9. How does a Guru help his disciple?

10. Whom do the Sikhs call a saint?

11. Are there any saints in Sikhism?

12. What is the attitude of Sikhism towards other religions?

13. How does Sikhism differ from other religions?

14. Is salvation possible only through Sikhism?

15. Do the Sikhs believe in miracles?

16. What is the code of conduct for the Khalsa?

17. What is the significance of the Sikh Symbols?

18. Is it necessary for a Sikh to keep unshorn long hair and a turban on his head?

19. Why did Guru Gobind Singh change the form of Sikhism and make the Five K's obligatory?

20. How does one become a Sikh?

21. Is Western culture bringing about degeneration in Sikhism?

22. Do the Sikhs Believe in the caste-system or untouchability?

23. Is there a priestly class in Sikhism?

24. What is the status of women in Sikhism?

25. How do the Sikhs solemnize marriage?

26. Why are marriages arranged in Sikhism?

27. How is Sikhism reacting towards modern science?

28. What are the ceremonies observed by the Sikhs?

29. Are there any special days on which the Sikh children must absent themselves from school?

30. Is there any restriction of dress for the Sikhs?

31. Are there any set times of prayers for the Sikhs?

32. Are there any feast or fast days for the Sikhs?

33. Are there any restrictions regarding food?

34. Are there any religious injunctions that may make certain types of employment non-acceptable to the Sikhs?

35. What is the place of 'service' in Sikhism?

36. How does Sikhism react towards love?

37. What is Sikhism's reaction towards music?

38. Are there any sects in Sikhism?

39. Can you sum up Sikhism in a few words?

40. Can you name some of the frequently used Sikh Scriptures?

41. Which places are sacred for the Sikhs?

42. What is Sarbat Khalsa?


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