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Posted by paramdeep singh | Tuesday, January 26, 2010 | 0 comments

Question 10: Whom do the Sikhs call a saint?

A person pure in word, thought and deed and dedicated to the divine mission of remembering God and making others remember Him and acting in His name, is a saint. He is not fettered by ceremonies, outward signs, taboos and rituals. He loves humanity as a whole and does not believe in differences caused by national or geographical boundaries. He is an ideal man whose heart always yearns for service to God through humanity.

"He repeats the Lord's name and meditates on Him
He looks alike on weal and woe and harbours no ill-will
He is merciful to all and is free from all weaknesses.
He enjoys the food of Lord's praise and lives in the world like a lotus on water.
He imparts the instruction of God's name to friends and foes alike.
He listens not to calumny, lives selflessly and considers himself as everybodys' slave.
These are the qualities of a saint who Nanak calls a Sadh or a friend."
(Slok Sahskriti Guru 5)

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