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Posted by paramdeep singh | Friday, January 1, 2010 | 0 comments

Question 25: How do the Sikhs solemnize marriage?

Sikh boys and girls are married according to Anand marriage ceremony recognised under Government of India Anand Marriage Act of 1909. The couple are taken to a Sikh temple and seated in front of the Holy Scriptures (Guru Granth Sahib). The responsibilities and duties of married life are explained to them by the Sikh Priest (the person who officiates at the ceremony). The bride then holds a sash of the bridegroom and the Priest reads the four Lavan (the epithalamium) of Guru Ram Das which explain the four stages of the human life. After each reading the couple bow to the Holy Book in acceptance of the advice contained in the Lavan. After the fourth stanza, the Anand Sahib of Guru Amar Das is recited and the ceremony is over. Since the whole ceremony takes place in front of the Guru (The Holy Scriptures), no document of marriage is considered to be necessary. However there is no objection to anybody asking for such a document. An ideal marriage has been described by the Guru as follows:- "They are not husband and wife who are joined only for physical contact; Rather they are husband and wife who have one spirit in two bodies."

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